Can You Hear Me Now?

When I was ten, two tin cans and a string were a pretty cool way to talk to each other.
“Hello Roger, this is Bill. I’m in the back yard. Over.”
“Bill this is Roger. I know I’m standing next to you. Over.”
I’m not sure I even once thought about putting the cans down and just talking. The string was only a few feet long! My intrigue of technology was high.

The ‘End Game’ is effective dialog. Communication. Without a doubt, the ‘Smart Phone’ is impacting the way we communicate, but is it working any better than those two tin cans? We have more access, and we no longer are tethered to cords, but do we have healthy, strong relationships? Does a quick ‘Like’ really communicate anything? Are we handling problems more effectively? Am I getting closer to people so I can pray for them or build trust in my church?

If I could build a church communication app, it would offer six features for my phone and our church:
1. My app would randomly send the name of a person who sat in worship with me, and link me to their Facebook, or create a calendar appointment to meet and talk, or would send a reminder and their phone number – nagging me until I called.
2. My app would have a mood color feature. (Remember mood rings?) This would change colors when I tweet or post. It would monitor who is up and who is down. It would remind me when I post things that are disrespectful.
3. My app would build triangulation. It would automatically connect people from our church who are searching, posting or buying similar things. I know I could benefit from the thinking and questions of others, and this app would help me find those folks of similar thought or need.
4. My app would have a WWJD (What would Jesus do) feature. When I start to search, tweet or surf the internet, it would link me to scripture verses that get my head straight based on what I am doing right at that moment.
5. My app would help me spend my time more wisely, monitoring my activities and suggesting ways I can put my phone down and just go have coffee with someone.
6. My app would celebrate the successes each of us has each day. It would send alerts to church members about what’s working, and maybe it could provide some lesson-learned notices from our failures.

As I think about my app, I feel like I’m looking back at my tin can phone. I do not need tin cans, and my idea for an app is questionable.
All six of the things listed above can happen now, without the aid of any electronics. I just need to make them a priority. All I really need is a few people who want similar things and we agree to talk for 15 minutes (or one hour) at the coffee shop once a week. Here’s what I can do…

  • I can talk to one person I do not know well. I simply walk up and introduce myself after worship.
  • I can watch the things I say. Adopting a servant attitude reminds me of the importance of supporting others and how easy I fall into judgement.
  • I can take the time to reflect and share my thoughts from my daily devotion, with just one person!
  • I can scrutinize the things I post and reflect on how Christ might respond and think.
  • I can invite someone with similar needs to meet for coffee.
  • I can send messages of congratulations. I can create ‘Hallmark moments’ and send a card.
  • I can join with other church members, and even those from other churches and focus on one thing that will make a difference in the city of Wellsville.

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