Does Wellsville Baptist Church Have Wylie Syndrome?

Wylie wakes up each morning and goes to work… Roadrunner chasing. Go, Go, Go… Do, Do, Do…Work, Work, Work…Bonk! An anvil falls on his head, but he wakes up the next morning and does it again!

Let’s assess Wylie Coyote’s actions…

  1. Is Wylie goal oriented? Absolutely! He has a clear sense of what he wants – the Roadrunner. Does WBC have a sense of what we do and what we want? Absolutely!
  2. Does Wylie create plans before he acts? He does, and he follows them. Does WBC have a pretty comprehensive plan with its boards and committees? We do and we have followed that plan consistently from year to year.
  3. Is Wylie dedicated? Absolutely! He stays on task, never letting a set-back deter him. WBC? We have consistently held programs for children, youth, and worship property management. We have exceptional volunteers who help with VBS, Awana, 5th Quarters and Sunday School and our Hospitality Team is unmatched!
  4. Does Wylie bring a creative approach to his job? Far better than the average coyote! So, too, with WBC…we consistently bring great ideas and fantastic program execution.

Both Wylie and WBC are goal oriented and dedicated. We have good planning skills and there’s a thirst for knowledge. Until you ask “Is he effective?” Wylie looks great. He lacks just one thing… Focus.

Wylie, and possibly WBC, are overwhelmed with activities! Could both be so busy doing things that they have lost focus on why they are doing them? Until Wylie’s ultimate purpose is dinner, he will continue bouncing from one activity to another. The activities are not bad, in fact, they are great. We need not adjust our activity-level but … we do need to better articulate why each activity is being done. What spiritual value are we creating, where will Christ be exalted and people impacted?

In the next six months, we need to return to our call as Christians, build discipleship skills and become one body in Jesus Christ. Boards must work together with improved communication.

Falling anvils hurt … a lot! Disappointment mounts when people do everything in their power to do good work and walk away with little more than a headache. We, as a church, need to understand why we exist, what we are doing and why those activities are important.